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Webers, Cam selection and Ignition upgrades.
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BOBLOOK wrote: Are you looking for that particular part ?

In Europe where Metric is easier to find then here in the states, this specific elbow might be able to be found. I will have to go to one of the few industrial stores Like Grainger, Parker or order this online. I will take a few days first to see if I can source it within the US first, actually so that I have something to do this week.

The rebuild gasket kits have arrived so I'll be busy for a few minutes or an hour to take parts to be hot tanked after I make a few calls tomorrow. Toyota has this listed as an obsolete item so I'll not dive into that rabbit hole looking around for something that was once available.

If you do get any leads, I'll be more than interested just to have a spare available in the parts bin.

Thanks again.
Walker Carburetor Gaskets use to have a kit number: 15528 which has all of the gaskets to rebuild the Toyota 2T-B and 2T-BR twin Carburetors. Check out the online order section and once you find that kit, click on the page displayed to access the component selection page. To select, click on each picture and a price will display for each item if it is available.

Each Component can be purchased individually at a low cost, everything but the needle & Seat Assembly 31-207 which is no longer available. They can make you a complete kit for about $500.00 per kit and that extra cost is just the machining cost of that seat assembly.

Keyster: K11-3119A, Carburetor Kits the aftermarket rebuild kits (Each 2) Made in Japan Sells for $100.00 per pair, shipped free out of Spain listed on EBay:

Which is now located in Buffalo New York may be able to get the same kit, since they are the dealer for Keyster Carbs.

Thanks for listening.
AISAN 2 BARREL CARBURETOR KIT 1970-1972 TOYOTA COROLLA CARINA 1588CC ENGINES eBay item number: 401176439566 (For photo reference only)

According to the parts book I have been studying.

The same gasket kit for the (1970 -1972 Only) carburetor kit for a Toyota Carina gaskets fits the 2TBR Carburetor, Any other year group will have different gaskets.
21100L: 04212-25011 for the 2T, 2TB, and 2TBR.

Double check this online.
Took a pre 1975 2TC head to local machine shop which is 53 miles from my residence to have a repair damage to a water passage that has to be welded to replace missing surface material, re-drilled to open back up that water passage and the head resurfaced.

I'm also gonna have the head hot tanked, checked for cracks and a valve job performed. The new valve guides and seats have not arrived yet so this repair will be a temp until I can locate my other spare head and will have that upgraded with the new parts.
Since my left foot has been damaged last September 2017, I have longed to finally drive my Corolla.

Today was the first day that I could stand on my left foot without it going out on me after a few steps. So I had to make a store run for a few items and was determined to drive this car.

I have not changed anything yet, so the car is "As-Is" from the dealer and it has been sitting since April 2018 with me limping around staring longingly to just drive it once. Sure while it sits in the driveway, revving the engine every other week did not do it for me since the new baby arrived across the road a few months ago. Don't want to be, "that Neighbor" so most of the time it sits with the battery disconnected, covered over with a car cover...

I started the car and wondered if I still would remember driving a manual since it has been a while let alone RHD. The short 5 mile round trip to the Gas Station and back went without a flaw. (Got to adjust that steering to remove the play, new struts required, Rear shocks a must, why is the car greeting me in Japanese asking me to put on my seat belt please" every time I turn on the ignition, Tierods, new ball joints Plus its is 40 years old or more.) Flawless.

I however would like to get my hands around the neck of who ever placed a Fart-Pipe on this car. (Signs that i'm getting Old)

All that darn racket rattling anything metal within the car that there was no joy when the car reached 6000 RPM.

I can not wait to get that header installed with a proper tuned exhaust, with out that darn "Fart Pipe" projecting exactly where I am located as I drive pass the local sheriffs home, since he lives at the top of the hill before I leave this housing area. That will not do!!

Darn Young whipper snappers, "Get off my lawn"!!!
So one of the things that I did was to take an old Cylinder head to the machinist that was recommended by a sales technician at Summit Racing to the town of Griffin Ga. Franks Machine shop has been opened for more than 40 Years.

The art of creating performance engines is a fading craft because the interest and the skills required are no longer being taught at a high school and fading from the community colleges.

I spoke with a proud Army Veteran who had purchased each and every piece of equipment over time brand new starting back in 1978, or well before the turn of the century.

All of his sons took their turn in helping their father to run that machine shop. I had the honor to meet a great skilled machinist yesterday when I stopped in to pick up my old spare Toyota 2TC head that was damaged with a hole on the mating surface due to the acidic conditions caused from the owner of that engine never changing the coolant in that engine. The surface had to be welded and re-surfaced. Nice work, very nice.

I will be going back to Franks Machine shop in Griffin Ga. Their work is of a quality standard that keeps the professional racing customers coming back to a place where the young and old has known about the local best kept secret.

Sheeesh!, spread the word.
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