Excellent transactions -> Antuno

Here in this section is where you can keep everyone informed about the ones bad & good experiences when buying and selling parts.

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Section is created for warning others on the board.

By time to time although everyone seems to be honest.

They use to show up those with some weird reason trying to go away with your hard earned money.

Here you can share you're experiences but mods can use their discretion.

Please when you buy or sell something try to collect as much information from the person if its possible. To describe things like address, phone, full name and check in the feedback section( although is new) for others experiences. This will save a lot of trouble!!!
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Excellent transactions -> Antuno

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My project may be in a pause but I am still sourcing parts!!

What better way than with a fellow board member.

Parts packed & shipped (Priority/ USPS) and recieved in Puerto Rico as described, need fulfilled! My appreciation to Felix (Pufito18) in Florida who stepped up and came through for me and my wagon. Desde Aguadilla te envio saludos y gracias!!

Bought parts from carboyRolla, excellent transaction packed & shipped (USPS) from Arizona to Puerto Rico. Thanks for coming through (answered my wanted ad in the section,it works!!), Desde Aguadilla te envio saludos y gracias!!
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Re: Excellent transactions -> Antuno

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Great to hear thanks for the share :|
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