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what does evryone think of the megasquirt product? what kit is the best for a 3tc? where can I get an intake manifold for not a ton of money?
Many are using megasquirt on 3tc check search option few tread related to this ECU
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A number of us have done it. If your looking for cheap then look up foxau2. He added a MS2 with throttle body injection on the stock manifold.

Most multi port manifold will not be cheap. You may be able to find a JDM manifold for cheap from time to time, but that is till a few hundred.

My manifold with TB was over 500 and that seemed the running price at the time.

You can search for my thread also for my sloppy work lol.
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Bro i got all my efi set up and ecu plus injectors for around 1700 give or take a bit but very worth it also
it all depends on the time you have to spend on it. all the systems has there pros and cons. good luck
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i picked up a poorly made manifold from the 90's for 120 shipped or something like that. and got mine efi'd for about $450.


given, this was just to see how cheap i could get it done for, and it is very low quality.

but yeah megasquirt works, but you get what you pay for as with anything. The more expensive megasquirts are better, along with pricier intake manifolds.

for the 3tc, just use the generic kit and make your own harness and everything.
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