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I was the very proud owner of a built 79 TE51 SR5 for 8 years with a whopping 113k on it. 60k myself. Unfortunately she was tboned in a parking lot 2 weeks ago and bent the frame badly. The shell and door are lost. (complete custom paint job lost as well)

I see this as my opportunity to make the swap to a liftback celica 1st gen to build up again.

What I'm looking for.

Any rolling liftback celica in good body shape.
Interior panels and dash in good shape.
Glass not cracked
Light units
The more complete the better.

The things I don't care about.

Paint, wheels, engine and bay. Suspension, Front seats.
(Seized from sitting forever, not there at all)

Please help me rebirth Lola from the ashes.

Sad day.

Still looking for any liftback celica with good body, glass, interior. The rest I don't care about condition or even if it's missing. I have the rest already full restored.
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