TE72 Two Door Sedan Quarter window pop out glass seal

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TE72 Two Door Sedan Quarter window pop out glass seal

Post by loveke70 » Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:03 pm

Gday from australia guys!

I have come here hoping someone can help me out.
I have a TE72 two door sedan here that I imported personally from the states.
I am building this thing into something quite special as it is the only genuine two door in Australia as far as anyone can work out.

I have all new rubbers for it, except as per the title I cannot find a new replacement seal for the pop out rear quarter window.
Does anyone know where you can get one, or are they unobtainable??? I have tried ebay with no luck.
I tried Amayama and got excited when their website gave me a 94% probability of having them but then they crushed my hopes with no stock anywhere.

I have sent my ones off to a reproducer, and he has come back with quotes on doing these but they will be about $80 each and I would have to order 100 of each side. I have no issue doing this, but I need to work out if there is a market for these before I go ahead.

So if anyone has any info or advice on what forums to visit to find out, that would be awesome, as I have loved the cars on this forum for 10+years but I do not know where the best places to find this sort of info in the US is.

For anyone interested, this is where I am keeping a few photos of my build and progress.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

Cheers, Andy

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