3tc turbo problems

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3tc turbo problems

Postby EZST70 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 1:06 pm

New to this engine and turbos.. Have a few questions and would appreciate any help! The engine is a stock bottom end 3tc with a Crower Turbo cam with maching springs and blow through Weber carb. First, what spark plugs are you using and what kind of ignition timing are you all running? My setup is a BRD mech adv distributor with MSD coil/box. Second, what type of exhaust manifold gasket are you guys using? Lastly, what are you setting you base idle fuel pressure at with a boost reference regulator. The fuel setup is a Walbro 255 with 3/8 pres and return . Looking to run 10 psi of boost. Thanks again.

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Re: 3tc turbo problems

Postby toyotero2dend » Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:40 am

spark plugs I use NGK BP7ES (1034)
the fuel pressure I set my holley was at 6 to 7 pounds
timing set up was around 25 degrees btdc and my dizzy is locked out no advance and I got it from BRD racing
exhaust mani gasket I use the stock one as long as the header flange is not warp you wont have any exhaust leaks
check your return line make sure its got a good flow if not it will make the carb overflow'

I hope this lil info. helps you ;)
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