1980 Corolla Liftback 3tc - turbo prep

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1980 Corolla Liftback 3tc - turbo prep

Postby drwbns » Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:06 pm

Hey guys, I'm interested in upgrading the speed of my 3tc motor, but I have a few questions. The car is basically in stock condition. I'm not looking to race it or anything like that, I'd just like the car to get off the line and accelerate a little quicker. Would the best cost effective solution be to add a turbo including all the labor and parts involved or just to swap out the engine for something beefier? I'm not really looking to spend thousands of dollars at the moment, but I would like to know a decent budget setup that would be a nice upgrade. I'm looking from to add anywhere from 100hp to 200hp or whatever is realistic. I'm definately thinking I'll be needing a smaller turbo for quicker acceleration. Thanks for any help with this.
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Re: 1980 Corolla Liftback 3tc - total newb

Postby BOBLOOK » Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:00 pm


I would said speed is how much you want to spend we don't what you what consider the speed your aiming
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Re: 1980 Corolla Liftback 3tc - total newb

Postby drwbns » Thu Dec 25, 2014 11:30 pm

Well, I'm thinking around $2000 is about my limit, but I'm looking to buy this piece by piece anyways. I just need to know all the parts involved for a basic build. So here are my questioins...

1. Is a full turbo installation doable at this price point? And if I do the work myself?

2. After doing some more research, I'd like to keep the car NA as I just had the carb rebuilt. I'm not sure if the stock carb in rebuilt condition is good enough for adding a decent turbo though. Is a rebuilt stock carb ok for a start?

3. Is a fuel regulator a must for turbo with a stock carb?

4. I'm not looking for crazy speed here, I think just more torque on the low end would help a lot with accelerating but I don't really want to get into the realm of upgrading the drive shafts or anything like that under the car. Is this ok?

5. It's my commuter car for sure but god its slow compared to any newer cars. I should also note I'm in california so it has to pass all legalities here. I'm also looking for a full parts/ price list so I can budget for it. Is there any CA laws I need to be aware of?

6. The engine is in stock condition. Is it a must to upgrade the pistons, cam shaft or anything else inside the engine?

7. Is an intercooler a must for a turbo setup, or does it just provide extra hp?

8. Where can I find some good info on installing the required tubing?

9. Is a 100hp gain too much for stock parts?

10. I've heard of people using sc12 and sc14 superchargers as an easier route instead of turbos. Is this a much easier route to take budget and work wise?

11. I've also heard of people using marine carbs for some smaller boosts. Is this a good idea?

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