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hello to everyone. I'm new, and I didn't see a post that met my specific question, so here goes. (if the question has already been asked and answered, link please)

I have a 1981 3TC that I want to make EFI because my current carb has been rebuilt (half came from a 3tc carb and lower half is from a 4AC carb), it runs great when cold but gets rough when warm, gets rougher when AC is turned on. I understand the best and easiest long term solution would be EFI, I don't want to turbo it, id like to maintain it as close to stock as I possibly can.

I know of the basics of an EFI system, such as the custom intake manifold, ECU, injectors, TPS, Throttle body, CPS (also, how do I adapt a Crank Sensor?). Other than these what do I need? Is an external fuel pump necessary, or can I use the stock one? do I need an IAC valve for the AC to work?

thanks in advance. :D
Welcome to 3TCGarage, Johnye17!

Although it has also crossed my mind before, I don't think I'd have the confidence to pull it off at my own current skill level.. But check this post out where Foxau2 threw on a 2TG EFI on his customer's 3TC. He also reportedly got 30 MPG out of it!

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