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Soooo I keep looking for this and read about people asking, but nobody answers it and talk about something else? :? Anyways If anybody has the answer you that man! lol All I need to know is, my distributor has 2 lil tubes sticking out. One is at the top and the other one close to the distributor. So what goes to what? I have had it disconnected for so long and its not in the book or anywhere. I am going to clean it and put an msd on it. I just want it to run how its supposed to.
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Yeah I have that same pic in the book. Out of those 10000 hoses I have non! lol I need a basic a hose goes here and the other one there. That I remember one is on the intake another on the carb or no vacuum. Its not a stock car at all. I guess I can just keep them plugged.
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