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I would just like to make a list of websites since I'm always looking for parts, and anyone new to the scene knows what sites to look for parts on.
Will update as links posted

would love to hear where others get there parts......

for me... junkyards... ebaY, Yahoo Japan, and any place I can find stuff.........
yahoo japan is pretty interesting, I have not tried that.
been stalking ebay for pretty much anything lol
I tried it but its all jeapaese. how do you opete and find your parts?
I also updated my main posts with the websites I've heard of.
Raptor59 wrote: Ebay.

Holy thread resurrection!

Can't forget about these guys man. Haven't personally bought from them but SOON i'll be getting my baby back and will definitely be ordering from them.



shoot T3 was already listed above lol! At least you can get your chin spoilers from AJPS!
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