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Hi all,

Am I the only one experiencing a problem where I log in, it says I was 'logged in successfully' and then when the board index loads it becomes evident that I am not logged in?

My computer at work was already logged in/cached which is how I am able to make this post but on my PC at home, or any other computer that I wasn't previously logged into, I am unable to log into the site.

Is there a problem with the site? I noticed this started shortly after 8/27.... luckily my computer at work was still logged in for me to make this post!


Try to log in ad www.toyota3tcgarage.com and let me know if the problem persist. Also did you already deleted your cookies

The day we learn to think
I wasn't aware of the different URLs. I was using my previous bookmarks. Cookies, etc. were all ok but using the url you provided (www.toyota3tcgarage.com) did the trick. I am successfully logged in and posting on my computer at home!

Thanks Boblook!
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