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If you encounter register issues is because when registering people need to use decent usernames.

Examples of bad usernames are Viagrabandit, porncentral, fredexedy875487864 and bowelman FemBleamp, Aborierob, & patofiuw. People with stuff like that I do not even review their account, I simply delete it immediately.

Ones that I review then have their email address and username searched. If the search results is a spam flag or anything even remotely funny then its a automatic delete.

Register with an decent name if you want after you account is approved you can always pm me for edit it to you desire name !

If you face problem with the code simple email me you're username and email and i fix it ;)
The day we learn to think
If you having registering or login issue the forum email is; 3tc@3tcgarage.com you can also email your desire username and email to me that way you're account can be created Thanks Site admin
The day we learn to think
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