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Hello from Austin Texas. I just bought a 78 Corrola TE51 Liftback Deluxe for me and my buddy to work on together.
She's got a 2TC with ~57k miles and A40 3-speed auto.
Short term plan is to keep it as stock as possible but modernize it to be a reliable daily driver: Holley Sniper EFI kit, electric fan, electronic ignition, fix AC, etc.
Long term plan: mild street cam, maybe better suspensions and a 4-speed/OD down the road.

Here's what we've gotten so far: https://youtu.be/y2x25ga1MSg

We will work on it more this weekend if the weather cooperates.
Stay tuned!
In the second episode, we focus on fitting the exhaust header, mounting the O2 sensor for the EFI and deleting the smog pump.
Feel free to comment and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the project.
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