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I have only been active in this community for less than 10 years but in that time I am seeing a change in direction of what is "collectable"...maybe it is just me but the discussions that were mainstream 10 years ago are now gone. My fear is that J tin is going by the waysiade and never to be seen again...it could happen.....can not see how but the listings on craigslist and the discussions on the forums give me great concern........I hope I am wrong and the love for the J tin classics will always raise attention.....which I think they will, but something is changing.......soon, we will find out what????????
There are lots of interest in the Z cars still. That is probably the exception because of their history here in the USA
It's still there.. just not as active of a community as it was back then. I see a buncha MX73 Cressidas roaming around my area right now looks like they're taking over the classic scene here and yeah the Datsun crew is very much alive here in Northern California. They've even gone and made 8/6 their official meet up over here lol I am torn between attending the Toyota and Datsun meet :lol:
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