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To start this is my 82 Liftback with 30k miles. I found this car in Hampton Bays,NY 3years ago when it had 26k miles. It was owned by an elderly couple and when the husband passed away the car was left in the climate controlled garage in there estate. The Widow passed away years later which was when the neice inherited all the property including the car. She posted it for sale and luckily I came across it and could not pass it up. :mrgreen: Image Image Image Image Image
nice and very lucky guy haha
I just picked up a rear louver for my 82 liftback in mint condition. It's the autoplas one I was looking for the astra louver but will settle for this one.
Image Image
I started this gallery and never posted my other rides. Image my 90 Toyota Supra Turbo Image my 93 Teal MR2 Turbo
very nice colection of toys VIC :)
Thanks, If I only had all the parts to make it manual ;)
Mazota TE51 wrote: Thanks, If I only had all the parts to make it manual ;)

im keeping my eyes open
i have a friend that has lots of parts for youre supra. hes a supra fanatic
Thanks goofe I have tons of parts for Supras I left rollas and got heavy into supras and got back into rollas. Happy with the supra so left it alone and enjoying it. :D When you going to share pics of your GTS? :mrgreen:
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