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I just want to say hello to everyone. I`m from upstate N.Y. I have a 1976 TE31 2 doors coupe with a 1.8 engine,central webber and header. not to much. it is all ready in storage for winter! i`m trying to find a 5 speed trans. because mine went bad this past summer. also if can get my hands on a good dash. mine is all cracked and i don`t know how too fix it.. any help would be appreciated!!
Welcome ;)
The day we learn to think
just want to say hello! it`s being a while since my last post that never got a reply.. any way i`m here again cu`z i got my hands
on aTE72 wagon witch is going to be painted next week. it is a stock engine and i have a set of weber`s 45
and a 310 camshaft to put in my engine. my question is witch would be the right set-up for this motor so that don`t get over
heated.i mean size of piston and how much can i reduce the head! any input would be greatly appreciated.. thanks.
oh, other thing how can i upload pictures and what size should be?
You have better luck if you post your request in another section Engine and Drivetrain!

You can upload picture straight from the board Upload attachment is mobile friendly.

Or use photobucket of Flickr then copie the URL and post it in you thread !
The day we learn to think
welcome to 3tc let me no wat parts u need tanks
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