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hello everybody,

Excuse my english.

I'm french and own a Celica TA40 ST : in France this one is powered by the 2TB 86hp.
I have bought it 3 years ago and have only start to work hard on it recently.
I'm looking for a 3TC crankshaft because I'm fitting a lot of 3TC parts including wiseco pistons which have tha pin 4mm higher than 2TB pistons. So I have to fit a 3TC crankshaft.
I think this forum is the better place to be when you prepare 2.3TB.
In France this engine haven't been imported, only the 2TB / 2TG and 18RG in this period. Few cars and truck have 12R and 21R but it's very rare because I live in the most fu..ing "dieseled" country in the world...
My celica will be use on road and track and I would like to kick ass to the 4AGE, Renault and Peugeot GTI cars with my old OHV engine...
I will create a post to introduce my car.
Welcome on the forum am in Netherland Holland close to Rotterdam
The day we learn to think
www.cleggengine.com/77-82-toyota-1770-1 ... crankshaft. Now get me a 2tb intake and a 2tg head! :lol: :lol:
Crankshaft Kit 77-82 TOYOTA 1770/1.8L I4 3TC, ENGINE #3TC, 1 ...
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