Greetings! and exaust question

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Greetings! and exaust question

Postby RA21Dragon » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:56 am

Hi My name is Joe and I am a #TC noob. I once upon a time owned a 1973 Celica that was stock but had an 18RG and dual mikuni solex carbs ready to implant that was stored at my folk's house. I was out of the area due to work for several months and my parents donated the car and gave the engine to the junkman!

Anyway fast forward 20+ years now and I recently bought another RA21. This time a 74 Celica GT. I purchased it from a guy who got it from his friend a few years ago. The friend was a shadetree mechanic and did some work on it including an engine swap to a 3TC with a Weber 32/36 carb, modified suspension-Bilstein short strokes up front and TRD Shocks for an AE86 in the back and Toyota Motorsports Springs all around. He also put in an LSD but I dont know what he used. Also has a TRD short throw shifter on what I think is a T50? The seller did not know too much detail about the car but did mention "my friend was getting it ready for turbo" whatever that means.

Anyway I joined to know more about this 3TC since in my day 18RGs and 2TGs ruled this scene. I plan on possibly doing a turbo setup and builf the internals. Plant o hit at least 140-170 RWHP but want it to be bulletproof.

One question, which Header should I get for the 3TC that will fit the RA21? Also do I ahve to get a custom exhaust since the #TC was not a stock Celica engine?

Thanks for your time and hope to learn a hell of a lot about thsi engine and hope o contribute here as much as I can.

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