Greetings! and exaust question

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Greetings! and exaust question

Post by RA21Dragon » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:56 am

Hi My name is Joe and I am a #TC noob. I once upon a time owned a 1973 Celica that was stock but had an 18RG and dual mikuni solex carbs ready to implant that was stored at my folk's house. I was out of the area due to work for several months and my parents donated the car and gave the engine to the junkman!

Anyway fast forward 20+ years now and I recently bought another RA21. This time a 74 Celica GT. I purchased it from a guy who got it from his friend a few years ago. The friend was a shadetree mechanic and did some work on it including an engine swap to a 3TC with a Weber 32/36 carb, modified suspension-Bilstein short strokes up front and TRD Shocks for an AE86 in the back and Toyota Motorsports Springs all around. He also put in an LSD but I dont know what he used. Also has a TRD short throw shifter on what I think is a T50? The seller did not know too much detail about the car but did mention "my friend was getting it ready for turbo" whatever that means.

Anyway I joined to know more about this 3TC since in my day 18RGs and 2TGs ruled this scene. I plan on possibly doing a turbo setup and builf the internals. Plant o hit at least 140-170 RWHP but want it to be bulletproof.

One question, which Header should I get for the 3TC that will fit the RA21? Also do I ahve to get a custom exhaust since the #TC was not a stock Celica engine?

Thanks for your time and hope to learn a hell of a lot about thsi engine and hope o contribute here as much as I can.

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Re: Greetings! and exaust question

Post by Dustparticle » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:31 am

Hi, have you try contacting Randy from BRD Racing? My buddy and I are in the process of restoring a TE51 Liftback and he hooked us up with a nicely milled 3TC intake and a Holley EFI adaptor plate. He knows his stuff.

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Re: Greetings! and exaust question

Post by AE25 » Wed May 01, 2019 11:30 am

Welcome Joe!
I cannot say where to get parts in the states as im very far from it. But 2t/3t engines were standard fitment to ta22/ta23/ta25/ta27/ta28 chassis, you get the idea. If you google for headers for those chassis you might find something. the head flange on all T engines are the same, so don't worry if it was made for 2t or dohc versions as it will still fit the head.
The issues you may encounter is clearance on the steering and brake master if LHD and then floor pan clearance. I believe all the A2 series celicas have much the same chassis so if your car has got the correct crossmember and mounts for the 3t then a ta22 etc header should fit.
170 rwhp is easily achievable. But 'reliability' is where quite a few things need to change. You're getting near the limits of the T50 and ae86 rear end, so best to decide early if you plan to keep it mild like that or will likely want more in future and upgrade before things break? the std 3t could make that power with turbo but pistons are likely to break ring lands at any hint of detonation. Your tuning would need to be on the safe side to make it last.
Im running around 180rwhp on a stock 3tgte with t28 and a few external upgrades. after snapping two ae86 sized axles from axle tramp I upgraded to a w55 box and 7.5" F code rear and have had no troubles since. Now running 14psi and come to the point where I need a better ecu to control fuel and spark more accurately.

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