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Have been lurking the forums for about a year after purchasing a 1982 Corolla wagon with 3tc engine and automatic transmission. She is currently about to hit 189k, and im saving up to hopefully have money for a engine rebuild soon, wanting to keep the 3tc but add some power. Engine is stock as well as stock carburetor. Recently had the cylinder head rebuilt, and switched to a 2" catback exhaust, threw on a dual tip for looks. She sits on 13" mesh wheels i found on ebay for $50, which i plastidipped gold and added some old school center caps. She has the original roof rack which i dont really see often, is it hard to come across them?? Found and purchased a set of 14" Ansen mesh wheels, stamped 'Ansen Automotive Sprint 14" Gardena, California.'. Where would i be able to ask more about these wheels?

Screenshot_20170812-130127_resized.png (144.19 KiB) Viewed 28 times

Screenshot_20170812-130256_resized.png (119.58 KiB) Viewed 28 times

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Backseat had some stitching thst came undone. Restitched that this past week and threw backseat back together. Also was not able to fold the backsest down, but found a way to rig everything back together, and now folds like it should.

IMG_20170809_163835341_resized.jpg (154.38 KiB) Viewed 27 times

These are the ansen wheels i found and bought. 14x6 i believe 0 offset.

IMG_20170812_124509362_resized.jpg (172.3 KiB) Viewed 27 times
nicee wagon n wheels
Wow nice find. I personally think 82's were the better year for the TE since they came 5 speed but still kept the 3TC. Do you plan to swap your transmission out in the future? Keep us updated and maybe I'll copy your 3TC build when you finish :D The factory roof racks I've only ever seen them on a few wagons at the junk yard years ago so yeah I guess they're on the rarer side of things.

For your wheels, I've never heard about that company before but I did a quick search and found out they're called "Ansen Cross Wire Sprint".

Lastly, that steering wheel looks cool but also looks like a pain to drive especially without power steering :lol:
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